Forest scene

Textures are handpainted using 3D-Coat and Corel painter. Render and models made in Cinema 4D.

Abandoned Lada

Modeled in Cinema 4D and textured using 3D-Coat.


Fisherman ship W.I.P

Fisherman ship work in progress


Forest House

Modeled, unwrapped and rendered in cinema 4D. Textured in Photoshop.


Low Poly House

Modeled and rendered Cinema 4D.

Foodtruck TukTuk

Made for a school assignment. Modeled, unwrapped and textured in Cinema 4D.

Fairytale Fights

Made for a school assignment. We had to create a house that would fit into a fairytale game world. Modeled in cinema 4d and textured using Corel Painter.



School assignment creating a travel agency.

Programs used: Cinema4D, After Effects and premiere